About Us

Happy Mountain Foods, LLC began in Boone, North Carolina in May of 2013.  Our goal was to create an energy bar that was not only full of quality ingredients, but also had a taste that would be above all other bars.  We strive to be transparent with our ingredients, products, and practices (hence our packaging!).  Our bar line called Boone Barr contains minimal ingredient profiles while producing optimal flavors for your taste buds.  That is why we adapted one of our slogans, "Less is More".

Happy Mountain Foods relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2016 and that is where we currently operate.  We have a much larger space for capacity and growth, but our initial mission remains the same.  All of our bars are still currently made by hand from beginning to end.

One of our main goals is to never stop striving for a better product.  We have made changes over the years from sizing, to packaging, to ingredient profiles.  Our newest push is for Boone Barr to be the first bar marketed as a multi-use bar.  This means that our ingredient profiles are set up to be used however each consumer sees fit according to their lifestyle and diet.  This is represented in our newest saying, "Your Life.  Your Bar."

 Our Mission

We believe in being in it for the long run. That means doing business in a way that is sustainable and good for all that are involved. We source only the best organic and natural ingredients from the most local sources possible. We love making foods that people can feel good about eating and will come back for! 

Quality, sustainability and hard work are our driving principles. We hope to take these great products and distribute them to retailers and consumers who know what good food is all about. 

Here at Happy Mountain Foods, we believe that good food is a big part of a good life.